Iron Angel - unreleased PC game

Discussion in 'Unreleased Games Discussion' started by 7Force, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Not a whole lot of info about this one on the Internet, but seems it was a very ambitious project: multiple eras of aircraft, cars and even Mechwarriorish robots all done in impressive-for-the-time 3D. The ambition of this was probably also the reason it was eventually never released IMO...

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    oooh, I remember waiting for that one. Saw many previews in game mags, but never a playable demo or even a vid.
    There was a game released later under the same name, but I don't remember it so it must've sucked.

    They claimed some quite unrealistic performance figures on this one iirc though, basically running at more fps textured than the untextured games of the day.
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