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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction Forum' started by x12eece, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Hey guys and gals, I'm 21, from the UK and I'm a retired small time modder who likes anything related to custom firmware on just about any Console my current list of consoles are:
    1x 3DS XL White with 128GB SD (arm9loaderhax)
    2x New 3DS Black Friday Edition (Stock)
    1x Xbox One (Stock)
    1x Falcon 360 (RGH)
    1x Xenon 360 (Stock)
    2x Xenon 360 Devkits
    1x Slim 360 Devkit + Sidecar
    1x Original Xbox (Stock)
    1x GBA Glacier
    2x White Wii with Homebrew

    I used to be a part of a X360 modding community called Game-Tuts that is unfortunately gone now But hope to see the best of what you guys have to offer :)

    I also used to do a little coding back in the day and made a GUI for xbscreencap Its called Xbox 360 Screen Capture GUI, heres the link:
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    Welcome to Assemblergames hope you find everything your looking for here

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