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    Hello everyone. As you can see just by looking at my profile, I am JonathanSeagate. I was lurking in the forums for a long time, and one day I just created a profile to talk in the chatbox to ask dumb questions about porting the OG Xbox bios and dash to PC without knowing it was impossible without the same hardware from the alpha towers. And I didn't used the account for a long time. But now I think it's time to introduce myself. I am a french teenager who loves all things related to retro video games, the original xbox and the XDKs, Alpha towers, unreleased stuff, the Sega Chihiro, the Marathon trilogy and Bungie Studios in general. I don't know much about modding, programming, I learned how to softmod my OG Xbox a week ago, but I didn't even did it for now. I'm waiting for christmas to get a second OG Xbox to mod it. I'm thinking about flashing the TSOP with help from my dad. And obviously I know what it can cause to the mobo if I don't do it correctly and I know what advantages it can bring. After nearly 1 year of lurking before signing up, I saw that ASSEMbler Games seems to be an awesome community. I saw some threads that made me laugh my *ss off like the fake Original Xbox "MEC" prototype thread with all the picture edits. So, yeah, I don't know what more I can say for now. So, good night folks because tomorrow it's christmas !

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