HD Retrovision adapter - DIY?

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    Hi all,

    I'm inquiring about the feasibility of making my own one of these: https://castlemaniagames.com/shop?olsPage=products/hd-retro-vision-saturn-av-port-adapter

    From the item description: "This adapter converts the male 9-pin mini-DIN connector on the Genesis YPbPr cable to a male Saturn 10-pin mini-DIN connector."

    I have both a Saturn S-video and composite cable. If I could get my hands on a female 9-pin mini-DIN for the HD Retrovision Genesis cables to plug into, would it be reasonably easy to create this adapter by splicing the wires?

    The reason I ask is because the adapters are sold out and it could be months before they're restocked. Thanks for the opinions!

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