Hardware Modifying a DTL-H1000 Debugging Playstation

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    I have recently purchased a DTL-H1000 playstation, I didn't realize when buying it that it was region-locked even with the modified mechcon, I was reading that the IC102 is the bios and that the IC304 is mechcon, And that the letter check is performed through the bios not the mechcon, so in theory, could I swap the IC102 off of a PU-8 SCPH1001 onto a PU-7 DTL-H1000? The main difference i've spotted between the two is that the 1000 has different video ram and is not using SGRAM for it, all the other modules appear to be the same, Could that affect it if I were to swap the bios? i'm an electrical technician/hobbyist/madman anyways so im no stranger to blowin' parts off the board with heat... should I attempt to source blanks and burn them myself?? Who does tech support call when they need help? haha thanks for any help guys!

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