Guys about aspect ratio Upscaling VGA TO HDMI, asking for wisdom

Discussion in 'Acclaim Project' started by BimboBoop, Aug 15, 2019.

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    HI guys , I was wondering if anyone around here coudl share some wisdow about bad aspect ratio Issues.
    I use my Dreamcast connected to a VGA box and then upscaled to HDMI using a chinese VGA to HDMI upscaler. The problem is this device doesnt care about 4:3 native aspect ratio and the video is stretched to a complete 16:9 , and cause I really love to capture my gameplays with my Elgato capture card, the image arrives stretched, cause the capture doesnt have an option to add black borders in rder to force 4:3 aspect ratio.
    According the service from Elgato, they didnt add that option cause for them is irrelevant cause no one asks about it. And I am pretty sure retro gamers looking for upscale and capture their gameplays on HDMI quality, must be just a few ones. Thats why my only solution until now is converting the captured video after it was recorded. I do this using an old PC app. something pretty much troublesome.

    So what I am asking here is if someone knows about some kind of device or mod to force VGA or HDMI signals between 16:9 and 4:3 (you know like those small boards builded to just add scanlines) in the way anyone could just add it to their video setup, in order to add proper aspect ratio values to the videos)

    Any ideas about any kind of devices or mods that could do the work, would be highly apreciated.

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