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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction Forum' started by KailoKyra, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Hi !

    So, I apparently created an account a few years ago, but never posted anything (but I did find some interesting infos and ressources on here). So here I am !

    KailoKyra, posting from Paris, France. I collect games (that's original !), with some retrocomputing on the side (Amstrad CPC :3 !) and dumps/scans when I can cram some time.

    I dream that one day, I'll get my hands on a Tonic Trouble prototype (well, more precisely, prototype versions of the special edition...the best one !). And the Legend of Kyrandia as well. I'm quite monomaniacal about these two games :).

    With regards to unreleased stuff, I have a proto / press version of Another World for the Megadrive (or Out of this World across the pond). As well as a strange KoF R2 on the Neo Geo Pocket, some pirate games on the Game gear ect....

    I'll make some posts in the corresponding categories to show all that. :)
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    Welcome to the forums! I'm glad to see another person interested in retro computing. :p
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