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    I'm sure at one point or another everyone has been bothered by GameBoy not having its own light source and I've come across some pictures of lighting modifications but few guides or anything about how they do it.

    One place talks about removing some film and reflective layer I suppose on the back of the LCD and replacing it with another and having a LED. But they only mention the DMG though it seems that other people have modded the GBP as well but I never found any details. The system I'd be more interested in modding with a light would be the CGB. Here's one mod I've come across so far was someone somehow sticking a GBA SP front lighting system into a GBC which can be seen here:

    Does anyone know of any good guides related to lighting the Gameboy Color? Hopefully something that wouldn't require finding broken GBA SPs or sacrificing working ones. I haven't finished looking around but thought I'd ask if anyone already knew much about this.
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