US FS: CIB Nintendo Switch (used twice)

Discussion in 'The ASSEMblergames Marketplace' started by pstrick1, Sep 16, 2017.

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    I bought this thing at the store yesterday. Played it for a few hours.
    It seems that I just don't like video games anymore. The excitement is gone.

    For sale is an almost new black Nintendo Switch.
    Comes with Human Resource Machine. (A $9.99 value! Act now!)
    Used just a little bit to play one game. I haven't even opened the cartridge slot, nor have I docked it. I did charge it once.
    I used it in tablet mode, so there are a number of smudges on the screen. I have no safe way of cleaning it off, so it's going to arrive with finger prints.

    Don't know what it's worth.
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    I'll buy it. Sent a PM

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