Forced 4:3 mode on Wii widescreen games

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    I've been enjoying a lot of Wii games on my CRT, but some of the later titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword etc only play in widescreen. I've followed the Xbox Widescreen thread on here with interest, but haven't seen anything doing the reverse for these select Wii titles.

    The only thing I came across was a couple of posts on a shmups thread from a Mr Boxy who detailed cheat codes for Xenoblade. I don't posses the technical know-how, but I figure some may find it interesting or even inspiring.

    If anyone's interested, I have found a 'Gecko' cheat code to add 4:3 support to Xenoblade Chronicles on the Dolphin emulator wiki:

    C2297740 00000002
    806DBDC0 886301C8
    60000000 00000000
    C244A5DC 00000002
    9862FFFF 3803FFFF
    60000000 00000000
    0444A5E4 38600001
    C2350B14 00000004
    8A22FFFF 2C110000
    4182000C C0A2BEA8
    48000008 C0A2BE24
    60000000 00000000
    C2350BB8 00000006
    8A22FFFF 2C110000
    40820020 8A220010
    2C110001 40820014
    C142BE24 3A200000
    9A220010 48000008
    C142BEA8 00000000
    C247FEF0 00000002
    3DC04320 91C20000
    C3E20000 00000000
    C2474A24 00000002
    3DC04320 91C20000
    C0220000 00000000
    C2475FE4 00000002
    3DC04320 91C20000
    C0220000 00000000
    C2485F14 00000002
    3DC04320 91C20000
    C0220000 00000000
    C2485FB0 00000002
    3DC04320 91C20000
    C0220000 00000000
    C2137ACC 00000002
    C0C29840 3A200001
    9A220010 00000000
    C2137AD8 00000009
    8A22FFFF 2C110000
    40820010 3DC03FAA
    61CEAAAB 48000008
    3DC03F80 91C20000
    C2220000 C0030000
    EC110032 D0030000
    C003000C EC110032
    D003000C 38800001
    60000000 00000000
    C244E620 00000006
    8A22FFFF 2C110000
    4082000C 3DC03F40
    48000008 3DC03F80
    91C20000 C2220000
    EC5E0072 EC5100B2
    60000000 00000000

    I tested it out on an actual Wii through USB Loader GX's built in cheat code functionality and it seems to work well. It appears to be vert+ without stretching the HUD at all, but this causes small gaps on the top and bottom of the screen when an overlay is present (though they seem to extend slightly past the normal 16:9 frame so the gaps aren't huge).
    Apologies but I don't have any photos of it at the moment. If anyone wants any I'll take some when I can :p

    I wonder if this could somehow be applied to other games at all, would be interesting to see.

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