FM-TOWNS II UR arrive yesterday!

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    Hello everyone! My awesome friend from Japan picked up an FM-TOWNS II UR with 10MB of RAM, an ethernet card, a keyboard and mouse, and even a 3mode floppy drive for my pc for me from Yahoo! Japan a little while ago, and it just all arrived yesterday. I have to say, it is beautiful. The condition is near mint, there is only a handful of small scratches here and there, maybe 3 in total. It is not faded or yellowed, and the logos are not scratched or damaged at all. Everything works flawlessly! This is my first FM-TOWNS machine, as I have held off on buying one for quite some time because the UR is the one I always wanted. I know there are much more powerful ones, and I kick myself for not grabbing the FM-TOWNS laptop when I had a chance, but I've just always thought the UR was the nicest looking FM-TOWNS. I am so pleased with it! I need to pick up a few CD-Rs today to copy some software for it (just to test it properly, I will be picking up originals in due time), as right now I only have the Free Software Collection 9 to test it with. Even still, I am so excited to finally own an FM-TOWNS, because it was the machine that really got me wanting to create a computer museum, since it was so unusual and such a fabulous design but few people outside of Japan even know about it. I'm going to see if I can't install a hard disk into it internally, but if I can't I will use my I-O DATA SCSI enclosure to give it an authentic feel. Pictures to follow shortly!

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