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    I have messaged uroko-sakanabito directly, as I have a feeling he will know the answers, but if anyone else can help...

    I got a Fresh FT via Yahoo Japan - it's working well, and I have stripped it down and given it a full clean :) I have a keyboard for it, and I am using the SNES mouse with an adapter.

    The computer boots the few originals I have, and most burnt CD's with no issues. Very occasionally it seems to not play a CD track in a game, but I have only experienced this one or two times. Some games give me bigger issues (Mahou Daisakusen loaded once, but usually fails after it shows 'checking drive status' or whatever as it boots).

    It also has Towns OS installed on a hard drive, and it was booting into this. I had an issue when testing when I first go it, that sometimes on 'MS-DOS Starting' screen (immediately after the boot screen with the drive select) it would hang with a high pitched beep. If I powered off for five seconds and re-booted, this was cleared. However, I have now replaced the battery in the computer, and while it saves the date and time, it now also saves this error, so I cannot boot into Towns OS from the Hard Drive.

    To be honest, I would be happy to format and start again. I know it has MS-DOS and Towns OS on it, but I don't think Windows was installed. The problem I have is I don't know where to start on which is the best version of Towns OS to install, and how to go about formatting and starting again.

    I can burn the CD's I will need from the big 'full ISO pack', and I can probably make floppies on my old Win98 PC, so I should be able to get the tool - I wondered if you could help me figure out what I need to do, and how to do it?

    Lastly, an odd one with sound. I have noticed that some games (Genocide2, Prince of Persia) have a loid static/hissing sound while playing. I can adjust the volume on Genocide2, so it's no longer audible and I can hear the music and effects, but I also get a similar distortion on Chase HQ when I assume the car makes the skidding sound. What causes this? Is it to do with the faster processor, or later hardware in the computer, compared to an original Towns system?

    Anyone can help me on the above?
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    I sent you a PM with a link to the files. Just open the .cue file in IMGburn and burn it and then boot from it. If you're asking how to install it because it's in Japanese; it's the wrench icon then the arrow pointing to the hard drive icon and you'll have to feel around the prompts until you get through to a working system after you reboot. Play around with it in Unz to save yourself a headache.

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