Fitted decoupling caps to SNES (SFC) no more Vertical line :)

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    Hi all,
    Just wanted to report after reading in a number of threads that fitting decoupling caps to the 7805 in a SNES gets rid of the vertical white line (visible in Metroid for example) I tried it out and can report success. I've seen a number of different combos used on different forums, either 220uF on the 7805 and 2x220 or 1x220 on the SRGB chip, or just a 470 on the 7805, or even 1000uF or bigger. I've also seen on the datasheet for the 7805 a 0.1uF recommended.

    I decided to go for 1x0.1uF ceramic and 1x820uF on the 7805 and this did the trick. It also got rid of some barely noticable scrolling lines I saw on certain games (the start screen to First Samurai and the background on Dr Mario) when using my older revision Everdrive that wasn't there on the newest revision Everdrive.

    I don't have to press reset on first use or anything it works fine, but I haven't left it longer than 12 hours so far between playing!

    The console is a Super Famicom SNS-CPU-1CHIP-01. I recapped the console a few years back and I currently use a RetroGamingCables Super Famicom RGB Scart CSYNC cable. PSU is an old Sega 850ma linear.

    Hope this helps someone, photo of the install attached - not the neatest ever but i'm out of practice :)


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