Famicom Pads on NES / Famicom Plus

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    I needed to use some Famicom pads on a Famicom Plus, so I decided to remove them from a dead Famicom and butcher some worn NES pads. This was good as Famicom pads tend to have the shortest lead lengths know to man and the NES leads are at least 2m long. :)

    I looked at the interweb and although I found pages on converting FC/NES pads to USB, to PC Engine to Atari and Master System, I couldn't find anything to convert FC to NES... so I got the old multimetre out...

    The Famicom pads have a player one pad which has a microphone, select and start button and a player two pad that doesn't.

    The player two pad is the simplest but there are 3 board revisions. The most common is the one shown below which uses the same board as the NES.

    Unsolder cablles from NES and Famicom pads and wire up the NES lead as shown, nintendo have kindly given you the wiring positions...


    Here is an earlier revision, wire it up as the colours are shown. If it doesn't work then swap the yellow and red wires over. The third revision is used on the first famicoms and you probably don't want to take the pads from that anyway...


    The player one pad is a little more tricky, as it looks like this. Thankfully all the board revisions look the same. The blue wire is for the microphone that isn't used.


    Wire the NES lead as shown. (Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange, White and one unused hole where the blue wire was). The NES doesn't have any ports on the macine to use the microphone although the internal hardware is there...


    Close them back up, remembering to wrap the cable around the internal pegs and then your FC pads will work on the NES and Famicom Plus (the new style one with the dog bone pads). Remember to put PAD I into the left player one connector and PAD II into the right player two controller or the select and start buttons may not work.

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