everdrive for leappad: exprorer, ulrta, diji ?

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    I know you are all going to laugh but I'm serious.

    We have 2 leapads at home and several games that we have purchased as cartdriges and a few online ones from the store and they cost a mint, with purchasing them off the store you can play that game on all devices you own under the same account but you dont have any tangable items.

    If you buy carts they cost twice as much but you can only play that on one device at a time even if you may have multiple devices.

    With the games if you kids out grow them and you sell the devices the games are lost in space you cant sell them back and the new owner can't use them without the original acount they were purchased with so they set up a new account to track their child and the purchases are lost forever.

    Then there is the issue that as you can imagine a 3yr old with a whole lot of games they get removed every 10 seconds to pick another and they end up Broken the ends sucked on lost you name it.

    Is there a possibility one could be made a multiple nand switcher as the console just loads a games nand flash, there is also an sd interface but Im un aware of any games using this interface and I believe it is for recovery purposes.

    I made a paralell nand widch style mod but id like to see something with multiple game support and maybe a selection interface

    The carts are very simple all info is here from the leapfrog pollux linux project even some cart lay out and designs:


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