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    Recently got my first RGH, though I quickly found out that I was really late and owned or could own anything on my retail system and the region free part was also overestimated - I was convinced it would be worth it for the region locked exclusives I was keen on, but for the most part I'm left with a handful of retail games and delisted arcade games to play with, so I figure before giving it to someone who wants to go online and hack Call of Duty, what are the non retail games that I need to give a shot, the builds of games worth checking out, or really a list of all of them. And, any exclusives in Japan I missed that aren't text heavy. I've already got

    No More Heroes
    Tetris The Grand Master Ace
    Every Party
    Caladrius (this is on retail digitally, might buy it)

    I'm aware of a few more shmups and Idolmaster, outside of that I can't recall much that need knowledge of kanji to get into.

    Thanks everyone, assuming this thread lasts long enough to get replies.

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