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    Right so I've started on a little project to improve the flashing LEDs in use on my old VW Beetle....

    It operates on 6v DC...
    The PCB can be a maximum of 25mm long and 16mm wide to allow for clearance within the semaphore arm...
    Heat to be kept to a minimum - I don't want anything melting!

    It would be a bonus if it would work on both 6v and 12v - one less thing to worry about if I convert my car over to 12v!

    So lets begin with what is in place at the moment
    I stripped the components off the board to reveal
    This is getting somewhere near the design of the board....
    These are the components from both sides of the board...

    So we have -
    4x LEDs (I'd like to identify what type they are...)
    D882 - NPN Transistor
    8 Pin IC - I would assume this to be a 555 timer - as the LEDs flash...
    2x KL4 - transistors
    2x capacitors of unknown value
    4x resistors (102, 103, 2x 120)

    I then lightly sanded the board to remove the solder mask and reveal...

    I then got to work in my favourite image editing program - and traced the board and vias out to this....

    The board is the same way around in each picture for ease of recognising where everything goes....
    Ideally I want to drive an additional 4 LEDs from this arrangement - giving a total of 4 per side...
    Given the space requirements is this feesable? If not how else can this be improved?
    Im all ears while I get the design into a program so I can get some prototype boards produced!

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