ECCO the Dolphin E3 auto-run build (early code) [Bananabreak]

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    Im all for the Self-boot cdi as well :D
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    Not quite sure it's worth making a new thread for this, but I found a way to make it kinda playable.
    Setting memory address 8C241A98 to 01 will give you control once the recorded input ends.
    (2C241A98 when using Demul with Cheat Engine)
    Also visible in memory near this address is the name of the current level.

    This works in any level and prevents the game from teleporting around the map and loading other levels. You can't pause the game.
    You can interact with some boost rings and gems in Atlantis. The gems move to the central area and trigger some rings to appear above the water. Jumping through the rings makes a sound, and the doors on each building can be opened, but I can't figure out how to complete this area if it's possible.

    I've attached a code table for Cheat Engine (6.4) to use with Demul. The game is buggy looking in this emulator however.

    A - Swim
    B - Swim dash
    X - Interact
    Y - Nothing
    L/R - Roll left or right
    Thumbstick - Rotate
    D-pad Right - Lock/Unlock camera


    This entrance to "Reef North" seems to be in the process of being implemented... The autodemo tries to load the level when you reach the teleport but instead switches to Atlantis. I've no idea if this is due to a missing file or because the game is still technically in autodemo mode.

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    Can't remember if he finished the research or not. I'll ask him, but he's not frequently online. The answer might take a while, just like mine here (I'm sorry!).

    Awesome! I really need to try this out soon, I'm curious how far the level design progress is in this build.
    There were still some changes in the late Beta version available on COH, but that build was almost final. I'm still hoping we'll get a build that features the canned stages in the Pumping Stage area.
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    @Klaimen I'm in no rush, just being curious :)

    @Woofmute AWESOME! Great work! Wonder how much gameplay is hidden in this build :)
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