Earthworm Jim Music Lag on Genesis/Mega Drive Model 1

Discussion in 'Sega Discussion' started by jonoghue, Aug 23, 2015.

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    Nov 16, 2014
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    I found this video showing off a glitch when Earthworm Jim is played on a Model 1 Sega Genesis.
    When the Stage 1 music plays, in certain spots it halts temporarily, but not on the later revisions.
    i'm not sure which revisions this exists on, but i tried it on my TMSS HDG model 1 and it actually happened exactly like in the video. it also seems to only affect this one song.
    I'm curious what could be the cause of this glitch, if it's a widespread thing, and if it can be fixed, since now that i've heard it i cannot unhear it, and it seems weird that a glitch like this could be so unique to a specific game and hardware.
    here's the video:
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    It used to do that on my Scorpion 16 bootleg console back in the day too, with an original cart.

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