DTL-H90000A PS2 menu “Select region for game to be developed”

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    Hi all,

    I have a PS2 debugging station (DTL-H90000A) and I just put in a PS1 NTSC-J game “Let’s go by Train 2” and also plugged in the weird PS1 train controller that was bundled with the game. During boot up of the console if I fiddle with the train throttle on the control pad I get a menu popping up on the PS2 that says “Select region to be developed”. There are a selection of regions to choose from ranging from:

    NTSC U/C
    NTSC J (JP)
    NTSC J (KR)
    NTSC J (AS)
    PAL (EU)
    PAL (RU)

    The current setting is: NTSC U/C.

    I’ve always thought it odd that PS1 games from PAL regions didn’t display properly so wondering if I can select PAL (EU) and then run a PAL game with the correct display not being off-centred. That would be cool. EDIT: yes, it appears the region can be changed.

    Has anyone got any further information regarding this menu and what it does exactly? Has anyone seen it before? I’m sure there is a proper way to get into this menu and I’ll do some more fiddling/testing but so far with a regular PS2 controller I can’t replicate it. I couldn’t find anything on google either. I added a photo for reference.

    EDIT: yep, it seems that during boot up, if you press L1/L2/R1/R2 all at the same time when the console displays “Sony Computer Entertainment” you can change the region. In all my years I had no idea you could do this! Ha!

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    Old post, i know but I have this unit as well, when i get home from work I'll try it and let you know my findings, I actually have 3 of these units so I'll try on all of them and report back.


    Yep, it's there alright.


    P.S. Sorry for the shitty handwriting, my pen wasn't playing nice (no ink left)
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    Thanks for sharing this finding, even though this forum's days are numbered.

    I'm sure this is only possible with the DTL-H75000 and above, as the older models do not have an emulator for the IOP. The DECKARD IOP is known to be able to manipulate the readable content of the boot ROM, which can affect the region of the software (e.g. ROM region, default language, OSD region). The ROM region will also determine the v1.3.0 PS driver's region.

    I know that the DTL-H50000 series can have the region configured at the factory. Although I am not sure about the DTL-H70000, this spreadsheet from @unclejun indicates that region-specific models also exist for this line.
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    Thanks for sharing this hidden feature. Tested on DTL-H75000A and proved working on it:

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