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    I've found this info on the internet today.

    I do not know if visitors of this site are familiar with this info, has anyone any use for it ?


    "If you’ve got a SEGA Dreamcast kicking around in a closet somewhere, and you still have the underutilized add-on Visual Memory Unit (VMU), you’re in for a treat today.
    If not, but you enjoy incredibly detailed hacks into the depths of slightly aged silicon, you’ll be even more excited.
    Because [Dmitry Grinberg] has a VMU hack that will awe you with its completeness.
    With all the bits in place, the hacking tally is a new MAME emulator, an IDA plugin, a never-before ROM dump, and an emulator for an ARM chip that doesn’t exist, running Flappy Bird. All in a month’s work!"
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