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    I just wanted to say in addition to the other great places such as DCEmulation and obscuregamers, that if anybody here wants to go to a very active community, where I also have been uploading modded games to, since last summer, Dreamcast talk is where I have posted over 30 revived(lost with TIZ going under) bleemed PSX games for DC, as well as homebrew, emulators with roms and many other unique stuff such as a few rarer unknown releases such as a fully featured port of Myst for the DC among others. It is a great place to be.

    You have to be registered and have a few posts under your belt before you can even see the download section, but I remain very active over there due to the relaxed rules. I am also speaking with the admin trying to add some more features from this site to attract members from the Dreamcast community here. We are discussing adding a research and development section similar to this, as well as the like user post feature.

    Also, it is THE premiere place for going to to get your Dreamcast back up and running online over modern connections, and planing and joining gaming nights.

    I just am really not seeing a lot of people even talking about this site at all, and it is very active with lots of members from here on it as well. Hell I been a member over there as long as I have here.


    I hope to see some of you others around there.
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