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    Here is a collection of Dreamcast docs, SDKs, and some other DC related stuff.

    The majority of this has been uploaded here before in one way or another, but I've done my best to clean it up a little bit.

    All the SDK stuff is from @Shane McRetro. I sorted through it, removed duplicates, renamed things, and included the files that the various SDKs install. I also plucked all the txt, pdf, and doc files out whilst maintaining the folder structure and included them in their own zip file. Although that isn't actually all the documentation, there are some power point files and probably some html stuff but it should be most of it.

    As of this writing it's still uploading and should be done in 3 hours.
    Edit: It's done uploading.

    Edit the second: So there's an image of an HKT-0120 amongst the SDKish files and I was able to find like three text files and a zip file that had been deleted, although the zip is corrupted if you open it in a hex editor there is some stuff in there.

    Edit Oops: Forgot the installed files for WinCE 2.1, so added those to the zip and updated the Docs From SDKish to reflect that as well.
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    Dude, I know I'm late to the party but thank you very much!
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