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    Jun 9, 2011
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    Hi everyone, this is my first message.
    I registered my name here last summer, but i never log in because i entered a wrong (the isp has changed name) e-mail address. I wrote multiple messages through the "contact us" form, asking the admin to change it with a working e-mail address, without answer. Today i created an account named "arny91x", with which i thought to contact directly the forum administrators for helping me in the recovery of my former username. But then i tried to log in with it, and so i'm finally here! I changed e-mail address, and now i am able to login and write with my favorite name. So please, could an admin delete the accound named "arny91x" (the newly created one)?

    As i said in the mail, i wanted to register here because there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes of the development of almost all videogame consoles and old computers, that i'm following from years.

    So i hope to start talking about technical questions and discovering the other side of these machines soon!

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