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Discussion in 'Chihiro Development' started by nonosto, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Dear friend

    Soyandroid said:

    I'm always looking for some information for use my dev kit like a supergun or use with the 1 GB ram from Chihiro for run gme lke ghost squad or Out run 2. I tyied to contact but he can't (or want not) help me.

    Thank you
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    there is some info arround the boards and also on google about the hardware. As far as I know when you put a normal xbox bios on a xbox motherboard it will properbly function as a normal xbox or debug kit.

    1 GB ram in a XBox ? no way I believe, unless you talk about the "Sega" board, where also ram is, witch is posible to upgrade to 1GB. This is where a Game resides at runtime (anybody please correct me if im wrong), the GD-rom game is loaded into this ram place and the XBE is "extracted" (read: Decrypted gdrom contains proberbly an hdd (and dvd?)image and is provided to the xbox system) and just like the dvd emulator served at the xbox at runtime for it to execute.

    Supergun? awesome device, witch connectors? usb? are the CHihiro cabinets with a supergun? then posible, else a rebuild/adpater is needed. (1 wire in the Xbox usb is used for screen sync, thats why is more than 4wires)

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