Dedicated Virtual Boy Emulator for Nintendo 3DS in the works!

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    It finally happened! GuyPerfect from the Planet Virtual Boy Community ( )
    has started to work on a dedicated Virtual Boy Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS.
    You can see more on their forums:

    I was waiting for this for a long time. The Virtual Boy is maybe a flawed system but it had some nice games.
    Virtual Wario Land for example is a forgotten gem.

    There are already two Virtual Boy emulation solutions for 3DS out there.
    MednafenVB with retroarch or a port of Red Dragon. Unfortunately very incomplete and not able to play the official games in a good way.
    Both solutions are slow. The VB requires 50fps. I think 3D was also a problem with at least one of them.

    GuyPerfect is describing his project in great detail here:
    I am a coding noob but it sounds quite solid.
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