Debugging Station PS1 Won't Load Games, Displays Fearful Harmony-Like Screens

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    I happened to have purchased this DTL-H1001 dark blue debug PS1 off Ebay. I love the thing to death, and it was manufactured in August of 1995 (And the doesn't use a power adapter like the other debug units) For the first week the thing started to work perfectly fine and played just about any game I had, but after that, whenever the console would display the Playstation logo, it'd be all corrupted and wouldn't load past the screen...Ironic given the fact that the CD and memory card menus work and the thing can play any CD fine. The corruptions would look different each time I tried to load a game, and I've tried adjusting the pot on my laser and have used other lasers to try to get the games running but still no cigar. I would also start to hear some audio corruptions, though not present every single time I start the console. I have come to notice that these corrupted screens look and sound exactly as of Fearful Harmony, which is in itself strange and creepy. I've been curious as to what has caused this, whether it would be the IC102 (Bios chip) or something else. Am looking for help as I would love to get this thing fixed!
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    That happens on any PS1 which had the security defeated. Debugging stations have no security to begin with.

    If you insert a disc which doesn't contain valid PlayStation game data (A PC CD for example) the PS1 CPU will crash after not finding something to boot. Since it crashed it won't tell the sound processor (SPU) to stop playing the "crystals" chime which will keep looping the sample. It's meant to simulate the sound wind chimes with crystal beads make. How that would be scary, I don't know.


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