Dead To Rights 2: Hell to Pay and Extreme Force: Grant City Anti Crime

Discussion in 'Unreleased Games Discussion' started by pato, Mar 10, 2015.

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    I was looking at Dead to Rights 2 earliest shots that dates back e3 2004 and looks like another game, I didn't play the final version too much, but sounds like that nothing was reused to the final version, and the gameplay is similar to the first one instead of the ultra arcade fast paced action, the original plot was to rescue a girl (reused in Reckoning).

    Extreme Force was an cancelled spin-off of Dead To Rights announced at e3 2003, were you would control an GAC Squad, judging by the videos, it was meant to happen in the same time as Dead To Rights, maybe with hours or days of difference, as the levels were the same from DTR, unless they were just for testing purpose.

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