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Discussion in 'Member Game Collections' started by DCVision, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. DCVision

    DCVision Guest

    Dreamcast games with more to get heh :)

    This is one of the cool items I received at Midwest Classic 2k2!

    Here's my Diabolic Gaming PC Rig (where I burn some DC goodies and play some games :)

    Dark... really really dark...

    That's it for now... these pics are a little older but they will work for
    now until I can get some updated ones (added roughly 25 or so more
    DC games to my collection) and need to take some close-ups, etc.etc. :)


    It appears my server went down and ate the pics with it... so I'll have to post new pics again soon... yay ;)

  2. ASSEMbler

    ASSEMbler Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2004
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    how do you sleep with it on like thqat at night.. my pc. no lights.
  3. DCVision

    DCVision Guest

    This is actually in my 2nd bedroom... I don't sleep where I work / game :)
  4. Johnny

    Johnny Gran Turismo Freak and Site Supporter 2013,2015

    Mar 14, 2004
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    Nice DC collection. :smt023

    That PC Casing is... well... original :smt040

    Anyway is better than mine -> White with one of the sides open (i connect / disconect devices a lot ) :smt024
  5. Yakumo

    Yakumo Pillar of the Community *****

    Mar 14, 2004
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    That's one evil looking PC you've got there DC Vision :smt040

  6. wombat

    wombat SEGA!

    Mar 14, 2004
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    nice collection, quite some dc games :smt023
    and offcource not to miss your evil pc hehe
  7. retro

    retro Resigned from mod duty 15 March 2018

    Mar 13, 2004
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    Nice collection... and very cool PC case... what is it called?

    I'm worried about you though, dood. Red fluffy table cloth, and I'm listed under your interests! :smt120

    Lol only joking ;)
  8. DCVision

    DCVision Guest


    The PC case is a Diabolic (I need to take more pics of the goodies on the inside... I've spent several months getting the demon off the ground but I have finally done it! and it's still not done really....) Shitty part of it all is though... if I didn't spend the money on that monster I would have probably completed my DC collection by now... (but then what would I do... ?) oh yea... make a contract for a new game ;) ( seriously! )

    Haha... the red table cloth is very thin actually... and at least it's not my carpet color! ;) it covers up the ugly ugly brown scratched table beneath.... (I obviously like red for some reason) I hated the color red when growing up (I think it's that sick red I hate... the kiddie metal table bars red is just ugly) but I love the dark blood glowing soul red :) and again, oddly enough I hate the orange Dreamcast logo... and prefer the Blue PAL one over it anyday, but
    I can live with the orange one ;)

    Good thing though... is I'm getting about 15 imports here in a few weeks... (including Shenmue II - I know... I should have had this one already... the price I think was keeping me away for the longest time tho.... Border Down, Psyvair 2, MoHo, Toy Racers, Evil Twin, and several others)

    Waiting for several DC magazines to appear as well....
    Does anyone know exactly how many strategy guides were made for
    the DC? (Also, wasn't the ODM the only DC magazine out there dedicated soley for the DC or did I miss some?)
  9. SuperGrafx

    SuperGrafx Guest

    There was some shitty EGM published mag called DCX (I think) which was published quarterly. I don't think they published more than two issues.

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