Curious case of DIP setting with Magic Key III cartridge

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by dj898, Apr 15, 2019.

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    With the recent and rather sudden interest into the Mega Drive and MegaCD I've been thinking of the way to play my copy of OZSoft release Rocket Knight Adventures PAL cartridge on my Sega Wondermega.
    Wile searching online I recalled I have a Megic Key III cartridge so I dug it up and gave it spin.

    At first I set the DIP switch according to the box instruction but it was no go. :(

    After displaying Konami logo the screen was just stuck at that screen.
    So I put it away thinking I would need another adapter, like CD-X or GameGenie but oh boy weren't they rather expensive. :)

    So while mulling over our of curiosity I thought of playing with the DIP setting just for the hell of it. Since the setting for PAL cartridge with Others didn't work naturally I tried Brazil instead.

    Voila! To my surprise it worked!

    Thus it got me thinking. Were the DIP setting were incorrectly printed? Since I had no Brazil PAL cartridge I couldn't test it with the PAL Cartridge + Others setting.

    If anyone know more about this Magic Key series cartridge I'd like to hear. :)

    Cheers mates
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    So they have on/off flipped.

    Which means setting to brazil or other is the same thing, depending on which one being on or off you follow.

    So sounds like one of them is correct, use the switch layout you have now to figure it out?

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