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Discussion in 'Sonic Xtreme Release Project' started by ASSEMbler, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. as an aside, sonic cult has been down for weeks, and none of their members even posted about this thread on their forums from what i can tell

    edit: I pm'd and expressed interest in a personal bid and did not find it all that unusual to request atleast some information about said item before being willing to make an offer which obviously would have been rather generous.
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  2. HXC

    HXC Guest

    Its a shame it had to come to this, but in the end, I feel this is probably the better way.

    Sorry to assembler for bugging him a little last night.

    And fuck, from that tiny description of the seller, I can almost definatly say who it was and what state the game would be in :/

    If I were right, it would not be nearly complete, just 4 worlds created by a different member of the team, to show to the head of STI.

    Edit: Highest single bidder is getting it? Ah well :/
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  3. madhatter256

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    Mar 13, 2004
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    That explains a lot...
  4. Ringo

    Ringo Guest

    Man, I didnt even see this thread untill today. I'm so going to check more often, I've missed out on too much good stuff. I'm not really a Sonic fan but this would have been really cool to have.
  5. _skitzo_

    _skitzo_ Guest

    I will place a time limit on my offer 4pm EST To the seller : If this is real $3,000 usd
  6. I knew when I said that, it'd encite somebody to chime in with a stereotype filled, generalization comment...and look, I was right!

    If you must know, I'm a senior in high school. If I am younger than you, then don't you find it funny that I am able to conduct myself in a more mature manner, with less insults?

    That I debate, rather than argue and flame?
  7. mgsegasaturn

    mgsegasaturn Guest

    What if those 30 members that sent a PM decide to put up $120 each?
  8. Sorry if I came across wrong, I assure you I did not mean to put myself on a pedestal. Rather, I was trying to show 'the other side', as in an outsiders point of view.

    I realize he wasn't demanding money on the spot, but he *was* asking for offers..asking for offers before he ever actually gave information, or anything slightly tangible.

    He was saying 'give me offers and THEN after I get a bunch I'll provide screenshots, etc.'

    That was my issue. The screenshots should come first. If they don't, no complaints should be given when you don't receive alot of offers...because most people aren't willing to pay money for something they can't see, especially with this much controversy surrounding the item in question; this is shown through the lack of offers, despite the rarity of the supposed item.

    And there *is* controversy around this item, and I don't just mean this forum in particular. The very idea of this offer...when developers have stated only 1 or 2 levels, (and a boss or two) were completed, and some songs; yet here it's being stated that he has close to the entire game, yet no music?

    Of COURSE there is going to be skepticism...and it's not asking too much when, considering the above, that screenshots or evidence be provided before offers are given. After all, nobody really knows what they're bidding on.

    Are they bidding on entire stages, a full game? Or are they bidding on half complete, Sonic 2 Wood Zone/Genocide City type stages?

    Screenshots answer that. It's like on ebay, you'll get alot more bids if you provide pictures of your merchandise; in fact an item with pictures, will sell better than a no picture, cheaper item. Even if the cheaper item is also rarer and more sought after.
  9. Sure. I dislike flame wars, which is why I oppose people resulting to insults, so vehemently.

    If you won't hold a grudge, I won't hold a grudge.

    However I must admit I did sign up only for this topic, and once this topic is over, whether through being locked/deleted or just ends due to a resolution, I will likely you'll have to make of me what you can, from this topic.

    Be that positive or negative. I'd hope positive, but I may not be so lucky.
  10. karsten

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    Mar 14, 2004
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    i feel silly for not pm assembler... but i lost ALL my interest when some basic answer weren't on forum and no pic on the thread.... i just waited the following day for better infos...

    i guess i'm a silly man but i was at work and couldn't follow this topic all the time...

    and time for this was SHORT. ù

    anyway, my excuses to the community for not being of support in such an important time.

  11. Jaysmith2000

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    Jul 23, 2005
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    Well, I got my PM to Assembler as soon as I read the thread. What a nice surprise to come here today and find out the deal is gone. Now it's going to end up with a collector and probably never see the light of day.

    I haven't been on these forums that long, but I've certainly been around a long time. If you've been around the prototype/beta/rare hardware scene AT ALL, then you know who Assembler is. The man can be trusted. Regardless, all he said was, "PM me if you're interested." He didn't say you are committing to sending me $60 ($75 for all these noobs that have now popped in). He just said PM if interested. How hard is that? :shrug:

    This is really messed up. :banghead:
  12. Then you ought to have tried harder. Disposable, one-thread users are a dime a dozen, and the ones that stand out either decide to stay or were really damned annoying in the first place.

    Either way, you're not the only one. This thread is a pretty poor reflection on the membership of this board, if you ask me. If established members start throwing around "OH MY GOD YOU DICK WHY DIDN'T YOU DONATE NOW WE'VE LOST IT FOREVER NOOOOOOO!" when a thread is created just to gauge interest in a possible release, what's going to happen if we DO come close to getting our hands on something big? Does the namecalling and finger-pointing start again? What happened to this sense of 'community' that everyone's been bragging about in this thread, the trust?

    I'm not saying there shouldn't have been more details. I'm not even saying $60 is a reasonable price and that we should have all pitched in immediately--I couldn't really care less about unreleased Sonic games, and so had no intention of voicing any interest. But the actions of people on these past five pages or so have been pretty pathetic, from the idiot noobs joining just for the event without doing any research on these forums whatsoever, to the established members reduced to bickering, squabbling children when they didn't get the shiny toy they wanted.

    For shame.
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