Collection of PC/PS1/PS2 Game Prototypes

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    Prototype collection of various PC, PS1, and PS2 games available for download:

    Art Of Magic (PC) Sept 2001!STgwkYDB!pVzApOLLWFPdIVq-Kf2EPw

    ATV Quad Power Racing (PS2; Build 121) - July 5 2000!GfwyxKgS!BhnDgvaLgX52Dq-r4DiQxQ

    Robot Wars v0_28 (PS2) - Sept 17 2001!XPxwmAqS!V-MV1XnE0S4duMw2CY9Q2g

    SuperBike 2000 (PS2, Build 183) - Nov 23 1999!SfpS0YgJ!tz49GNHKj9uuVNpufSU-og

    Theme Park Inc. (PC, Alpha 50) - Dec 04 2000!aLhWgAAa!diUBhY760iYwnfRPZo7Bhw

    Um Jammer Lammy (PS1) Press Demo!WL5GWY7L!zZOwGwVU0qAAmGTQ4s9tfA

    I am not familiar with these games other than these were all dumped from physical discs. Have fun playing with these.
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    In "ATV Quad Power Racing" there is a "Debug Menu" - you can his call the button "Select"
    L1 and R1 - to move between 'options'.
    This game for PS1, not for PS2.


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