Biohazard -Code - Veronica-_PLUS_FULL_hack_Dreamcast.

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    is a Chinese version of the game.

    A disk 700M full version,Nothing ripped Downsampled or whatever!

    B disc 870M 99MIN image, ONLY MV_009.SFD CG file Downsampled (by dcres )


    1 Compressed file optimization

    2 at any time to call up the storage box L+B

    3 at any time to switch the viewpoint L+ start button (the game press the start button to enter the op settings, and then press the start button to exit OP, after returning to the game screen, the starting button is not loose, and then you can switch the first person viewpoint and third person viewpoint by L.

    4 increase in 2 sets of Claire clothes (by cptPauer), count the original 2 sets, Claire a total of 4 sets of clothes
    Using the method: after starting a new game or reading the archive screen, press L or L+R or R to have 3 different sets of clothes.

    5 hold down the L key to open the door or the stairs can skip animation (or there will be a few seconds waiting for the blackout time)
    Download Disk A Dreamshell:!OmAmBCSD!q8a6VWqlgovd5fsTh-y2rbsu8lPcXlxegsqVPQEh6-U
    Download Disk B:!NtNBHSJR!vPjgbURJ_9UmQ7NWeiT1Mvzi11FCzM8VJ4SGnc6y0oY
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