Best Flight Deals by Schedules, Seasons and Planning Websites?

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    In addition, I heard Airbnb and Uber are banned in Japan.
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    Find a travel agent - usually they'll be able to get deals and discounts you don't see. Get some advice, ask around, shop around, but don't do a major trip on your own.
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    Just look at flights on They will give you best and cheapest options from least to most expensive. I dont agree with travel agent statement, the only way you will pay more is if you dont know how to book or do it last minute. Travel agencies are a rip off, obviously they will cost more because there is a price to pay for the convenience of not having to lift a finger for a trip.

    Avoid cherry blossom, golden week and end of year dates as they are most expensive due to high demand.

    Unless you are very young or very old, i dont ser why you yourself wouldnt find a better deal by yourself instead of some agent telling you where to stay and what airline connection to take.

    Uber doesnt exist in Japan. Just local taxi and they are pricey. Forget about taxis in japan, its all about metro and train lines. There is a reason majority of population uses it 24/7 unless coming back from club real late. AirBnB works just fine, just type tokyo or osaka and ull get 500+ results. Everyone is doing airbnb there. Ive been 20+ times to japan, almost always get airbnb but do check hotel prices too because unlike other asian countries, Japan can be expensive, even for airbnb if its in a good location. In that case just book a hotel but still, 95% of time i ended up with airbnb. Great host experience, everything is explained to a T.
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    I used AirBNB two years ago when I visited, and the site still has Japanese listings, so....

    For other information, I made a little hobby site for people visiting:

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