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    Many of you who frequent here are probably already familiar with the Youtube channel I share with my brothers. We just started Basement Brothers this year and are working to grow the channel.

    I have decided to finally post specifically about the channel because we have made several updates lately concerning E3, Falcom, and the unreleased Neo Geo game, Sun Shine / Block Paradise.

    I have a series where I'm working on reviewing every Neo Geo game in order. I also do the odd Nintendo/Famicom feature.

    Mr. Jakes is making a series called PC-88 Paradise where he explores the games and hardware of this Japanese PC standard. He has also found a big niche for us in Falcom games and news.

    Sturat joins us for our combined efforts and has Sega Master System, Nintendo, etc. videos coming.

    Please give us a shot and hopefully a like.

    Follow us on Twitter at basemntbrothers
    and on Instagram at basementbrothers
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    I'm a fan of your Neo Geo videos. I keep forgetting you post here. I enjoy how you do a cross comparison between MVS/AES and Neo CD.

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