Audio issues with nes powerpack on famicom with 72 to 60pin adapter

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    I have a nes powerpack with the loopy mappers, which I downloaded from here MAPPERS.rar?dl=0 I also modded my nes to play expansion audio . Games like the Japanese Castlevania 3, play with correct mmc 5 audio.
    I got recently an adapter from tototek to use the powerpack on my famicom. The adapter I bought is this one [​IMG] . The powerpack plays perfectly, but due to the nature of the adapter, expansion audio isn't reproduced . I did a little research and found that I need to do some minimal mods on the adapter, as described on this guide on krikkz forum
    I followed the guide and music on Japanese Castlevania 3 plays correctly, but sound effects are muted. FDS games with expansion audio, either have music or sound effects only.
    Any idea why this happens?
    I read some guy's youtube comment, that he replaced one resistor with a 10k ohm potentiometer, since the powerpack has a low audio volume. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to do so.

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