AssemblerGames is closing. Here's your guide to surviving the apocalypse!

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    As you probably read here:, the end of days is upon us, and AssemblerGames will shortly be no more. Here's what you need to know:
    1. Kevin is closing the site for his own reasons. No amount of money or begging will help.
    2. This forum has been doomed for awhile, with no mods, no admin present, and no new members being approved for over a year.
    3. The community already has a new home, and the active membership has already moved over. Join us at
    4. All public content on the site has been archived, including the hidden 0bit forum. Nothing will be lost.
    5. If you want to backup your PMs, now is the time to do it. Instructions are present here:
    6. Hope to see you all at!
    For anyone who is offended by this post, yes, I'm spamming the forums. You should know that I'm in no way connected with the guys running Obscure Gamers, and I didn't ask for permission, I'm doing this of my own accord to help anyone who might not know what's happening or where to go from here. If you don't like it, feel free to hit the "Report" button, and I'm sure a moderator will address your concerns at their earliest convenience!

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