Any known "Commercial" N64 source code out there?

Discussion in 'File Downloads - Share and Request' started by jonwil, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Thank you :)

    Although the original 3dstudio files are not present it doesn't mean we can't insert our own models into the game, we already have exporters for the N64 model format, so we need to find out how to change and compress the files to work in the turok engine specifically, then get collision data sorted etc. It is feasible but atm I am still learning how everything fits together, then I can look into helping you achieve your goal.

    A very moddable n64 engine with source code would be a very cool thing to have, other games like Goldeneye have great n64 editors but having the source code opens up a lot of doors.
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    Yeah, I know of Goldeneye Setup Editor, I never used it extensively yet, however I know it is very powerfull, however it is very limited on what you can do, even though some guys showed a fantastic work on a game called Goldfinger 64, a brand new game created over goldeneye 007, however, as you said, having a source code opens more doors to allow many new gameplay elements that are not possible, let's say, in Goldeneye Setup Editor.

    Cheers :D
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    were you ever able to compile a working ROM? your website says to be continued...

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