Another PAL Mega Drive 60Hz mod but with true NTSC/PAL output

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    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, and as a first post, I'd like to contribute by showing you how I've done this mod.

    This mod not only allows you to switch regions AND 50Hz/60Hz with only one switch, it will allow you to choose between PAL colour or true NTSC colour compatible with any capture card, multisystem, or even American TVs.

    So here goes:

    First I've done the 1 switch region mod following this tutorial:

    Now here's what I've done differently for the other tutorials.
    Every single one tells you to bridge pin 1 to pin 7 on the CXA1645 video encoder chip to force to PAL mode and add a 4.43Mhz crystal to make it a PAL 60 signal.

    But since I have 3 NTSC compatible TVs and I wanted the console to output proper NTSC instead, I installed a 3.579 MHz crystal to the Mega Drive to allow NTSC colour on 60Hz mode.

    I used a SPDT (single pole double throw) switch to choose from the original signal (Mega Drive's own 4.43 PAL and the added 3.58 MHz crystal.

    Unlike the other mods you DO NOT BRIDGE PIN 7 TO GROUND on the encoder chip, we wan't it to be able to switch between PAL and NTSC when selecting 50 or 60 Hz.

    The result is true PAL on 50Hz and true NTSC on 60Hz

    Here's the schematic:


    I wanted to add the switches in a nice and discrete place, so here how I did it:


    And here is the result:

    I really liked doing this mod, and if you wan't to do it on your console I hope you enjoy it too.
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    Hey Tonito, the link to the schematics appear to be dead, could you reup for me?
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    Sad. Can't see the images.

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