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    Im in Tokyo for 10 days and was wondering if theres a place where maybe they got more soundtracks on vinyl than CDs. I know Japan is big on game OST so Im trying to see if they got any retro Vinyl on Gundam, Macross or game ones such as Snatcher etc.

    I saw a few at Nakano Broadway but at least to me that was obscure anime show ost so wasnt interested. In Akihabara at least the many shops I did visit, havent seen vinyl, just tons cd ost.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Tbh, Akihabara is good in terms of selection, but not good in terms of price. E.g. Super Potato is good fun since it has an arcade upstairs and a wide variety of games, hardware and consoles, but it's more expensive than second-hand places.

    I would recommend hunting around in Book-Off stores, that's where I've seen the most OSTs for games - hope you've practiced your katakana - I only know hiragana, which left rifling through game CDs for a long time haha.
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    Try Recofan or Disk Union (used record store chains). They usually have a decent selection of anime stuff; game OSTs are a bit scarcer.

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