Analougue- Mega Sg (Thoughts?)(worth it?)

Discussion in 'Sega Discussion' started by Tyler, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Tyler

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    So these days it seems everybody has their hand in the pot making some cheep HD repro console.
    Anolougue's new Mega Sg (ships April/2019) has been talked about on a few game news sites and appears to be of fine quality.

    I have quite a decent collection of genesis games and i would love be be able to play them hassle free on the big screen. What keeps me so interested in this is the fact that not only can it play all your phisical coppies of your genesis games it also allows you to attach your origional sega Cd and play strait from the disk.

    They say It says it plays almost all sega genesis/cd/mastersystem carts although is lacking in 32x support. (cant find any way to play my 32x on anything but my 32x)

    Asmgames; what are your thoughts and opinions of this. Is it worth the hefty price tag of almost 200$. Are there better alternatives such as the retron3/4/5.
  2. Braintrash

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    I preordered it as soon as it was on sale.

    Analogue makes top quality products and their engineer, Kevtris, is a well known and trusted guy on the scene and a remarkable worker. He actually was the first one (AFAIK) to make a FPGA NES as an hobby, many years before it became a commercial thing.

    Their NT Mini and Super Nt are top notch and I have full faith for the Mega Sg.
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    I'm stoked for it. I have no doubt the Genesis portion is going to work super well. Finally, no jailbars when I play Genesis! And perfect audio without any dirty noise or whine from the old headphone jack. It's going to be awesome! Specially if Kevtris is able to add that dithering effect option to smooth out dithered places to make them look more like they should. Proper waterfalls in Sonic? Perfect! The SuperNT is amazing and I suspect the MegaSG will be as well.

    I'm still real curious how the SCD stuff is going to work and if there will eventually be a way to load the games using just the MegaSG or if the SCD will always be required. I own 3 so not a huge deal BUT I'd prefer to not have to put wear and tear on them and my original games. If I could load and play disc images straight from the MegaSG that'd be....amazing. I know they can't really advertise that but it's my eventual hope.

    32x support is...meh. I never play it anyhow. Isn't like it has any must-plays, IMO.
  4. derekb

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    My main worry on the SCD support is that the system is obviously not going to fit cleanly with original sega cd units aesthetically
  5. Yakumo

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    Well to be honest a Mega Drive 2 sitting on the original Mega CD looks stupid as well. I wouldn't worry about it.

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