Amiga CD32 joypad frustrations

Discussion in 'Commodore - C64 to Amiga CD32' started by phoenixdownita, Sep 1, 2013.

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    This. There are a lot of rumours out there on swapping pin X and pin blah to get Mega Drive pads working on Ami's, but they're never completely functional. (Usually just the D-pad and A (or is it C?)).

    Based on the schematic linked earlier, and the prototype I built on breadboard linked earlier also, I just built a new controller from scratch using an off-brand Mega Drive controller. So far it works flawlessly, even in Alien Breed 3D.
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    Finally confirmed that a resistor is indeed part of the design between LS125A pin 1 and pin 2 .
    check the last sheet, the controller schematics, in specific R16.

    They use a 4.7K resistor in there between VCC (or LS125 pin 2 [= PAD P7]) and LS125A pin1 (= PAD P5), exactly as I did (simply different value).

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