Alien Front Online Is Back Online!

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    Many of you have eagerly been awaiting this moment for over a year now and the highly anticipated moment has finally arrived! Ladies and gentlemen, Alien Front Online is back online! Petter3k was hoping to have the game back online sooner but due to being busy with non-AFO related real-life work, he wasn't able to dedicate as much time to the project as he had originally hoped. In order to get things moving quicker, he enlisted the help of Jonas Karlsson a.k.a. Shuouma to help with deploying the server and squashing some of the remaining bugs. The server is not bug-free however and is in an open beta phase. Petter plans to release the server software as open source once beta testing is over and everything is bug-free. If you wish to report any bugs, feel free to do so here.

    I just want to conclude by giving both Petter and Jonas a huge thanks from the Dreamcast community! This is yet another amazing feet that will surely help the ever-growing Dreamcast online community to continue growing even more!

    If you want to join in on the fight with or against the alien invasion, please check out the Connection Guide for information on how to connect. Please note that only DreamPi users with the new version 1.5 will be able to connect for the time being. BlueCrab is working on a patcher disc to get the game to connect using other dial-up connection methods.
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    Bought a complete copy with a mic :)
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    I saw a copy at my local Game Exchange. I should have bought it! :mad:
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