Adding internal memory slot in a famiclone/fake NES/NES Clone?

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    Dec 1, 2015
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    I've a NES clone (NS-81) which hasn't games in internal memory. The console hasn't the 60 pin internal connector, at the bottom of the motherboard, where some famiclones have inserted an internal card.

    I have one of these cards from an old NES clone (left image).
    I would ask you if is possible to add that 60 pin slot and improving the console allowing you play with or without an inserted cartridge.
    I know that exists 60 to 72 pin adaptors with which you can use the internal memory as a Famicom cartridge but it isn't my idea. In fact, I've bought one like this:


    Do you think any idea? What will happen if i solder the conversor to their respective pins at the botton of the motherboard?:) In this case, and expecting that it worked, what will happen if I insert a cartridge in the 72 pin slot? Should I use a transistor as an interruptor in order to avoid conflicts?or it's more simple?
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    You have to ask "cluster" I think. Just search "cluster on youtube" and you'll find him.

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