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Discussion in 'Everdrive N8' started by alimadhi, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    turn on the console Launch Abadox => white screen
    turn on the console restart the console then Launch Abadox => white screen
    turn on the console Launch any game that's work fine then restart the console then Launch Abadox => works fine
    20% of the games like that

    Please see the YouTube:-

    my attempts
    1- change the SD card (8GB & 16GB) format fat32 16kilobyte & 32kilobyte
    2- change the console using (official NES 3 console, Famicom NTSC official japan, Famicom PAL official & Famicom PAL clone)
    3- download all the dumps in the internet
    4- last update firmware

    i post in http://krikzz.com/forum but no one reply i hope someone help here
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    20% of the games? That's not good. I have been launching dozens of games and never an issue (except with games in which the mapper is not supported of course). I will try Abadox tonight and let you know, but I have the feeling it will work fine.

    Maybe it is your SD cards. Why are you using such large sizes? I have 1191 roms on my 2GB Transcend card and it takes 250MB :) Maybe also look into your romset. I use Goodsets (and have used No-Intro sets without issue as well)

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