A question about the KDL22PX300

Discussion in 'Rare and Obscure Gaming' started by Jake Rusell, Sep 20, 2018.

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    I think this fits right into the ‘Obscure and rare’ section.

    So when I was a kid, one day my dad brought home the KDL22PX300 a.k.a the Sony Bravia PS2 TV, at the time not knowing how ‘RARE’ it was going to be. Seriously check them out on eBay.

    Im into console modifications and I recently got thinking about tinkering with the PS2 that’s built into the TV. Now, my first option was FMCB, I plugged my FMCB card in aaaaand... nothing happened. I didn’t realise at the time that there were slim model PS2s that didn’t work with FMCB since I’ve always owned the fat models for the internal HDD bay.

    So then I thought about the possibility of installing a mod chip, which brings me to the question, does anyone know what kind of PS2 hardware / revision is inside the Bravia PS2? I’m guessing if they literally just took a slim PS2 and crammed it into the TV then it would be something like a SCPH90000 series, or it may be something entirely different since the 90000 was released in 2007(?) and the TV launched in 2010. The information just isn’t out there on the internet.

    P.s before anyone asks, I don’t have the TV, my brother has it.... for now :D
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    Bad_Ad84 might know. He's installed just about every modchip in PS2's
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    The board is based on the later 9000x series so a difficult install.

    I’m aware a modbo 4.0 has been successfully installed in one if that helps.

    If it’s only for a few games then swap magic discs works and there’s only the 1x sensor that you can block without opening up.

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