A few questions about the X68000

Discussion in 'Sharp X1 and X68000' started by DeckardBR, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Finally looking into this machine and I'm pretty blown away. I'm from the US and the 80s were dominated here by gaming computers like the C64, Amiga, and Atari ST. The X68000 for arcade conversions is in another class though it looks like. Except for its then outdated 5 3/4 inch disk drives (by 87 no excuse for not having a 3 1/2 inch drive) and bad power supply, this is an amazing system.

    A few questions for those in Japan or who remembered the system back in the day:

    1. Did you have one in the 80s? How common were they? Did maybe a neighbor have one that you played? What were your favorite games?

    2. How was the system marketed in Japan? In the US, even gaming computers were marketed for their word processing and office capabilities. Was the X68000 only marketed as a game machine? I found some short tv ads on youtube. One used the Tutankhamen picture that was copied from the Amiga advertising of the time. The ads are unclear what to use the computer for though.

    3. The machines look to be rare now. How often do you see them come up for sale recapped or with new power supply's?

    4. When you went to stores were the games commonly on store shelves as with any famicom game or because of the price of the computer was it only sold in select places?

    Such an amazing system! Though costly it really beat the Neo Geo as a pure arcade board at home by a few years.
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