3DO Betas & Alphas

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    I've been posting about these for a bit and I wanted to share. I haven't sat down and played any of them too extensively. I ripped them about a year ago to bin/cue - I should maybe do a different format. I don't think the 4DO emulator supports bin/cue. I can redump them maybe tonight. Either way I just wanted to share. The group over at VGPC are pointing me in the direction of one of the plextor drives they use for ripping. I think I'll invest in that so I can use the tools they use and do proper rips in the future.

    I will work on updating this post with screens and details on them all. In summary here's the games I'm sharing.
    • Battle Sport BETA (5-11-95)
    • Bladeforce BETA 2.3 (7-14-95)
    • Bladeforce BETA 2.8 (8-8-95)
    • Captain Quazar PRERELEASE
    • SlamNJam BETA (4-11-95)
    • Star Fighter BETA
    Those names are all based on what's written on the CDs - some of the actual games I believe label themselves as Alpha in the menu. I'm excited to get to share these, I'm not sure if that's what most collectors of prototypes do. I understand it could de-value them to some, but I think games are best when shared :) I just picked up a Xbox 360 Dev Kit, if anyone wanted to share some 360 protos with me out of the kindness of their hearts I wouldn't object ;)


    Each folder has pics of the discs and the bin/cue.

    NOTE: To play these you need to use the RSA patched bios. If you want to burn them and play them on actual hardware you will need a 3DO Test Unit.

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    Bin/Cue is fine for 3DO really. As long as the OperaFS is intact and whatever you use to burn the bin/cue doesn’t try to “open” the file format, it’ll work fine

    XDuplicator Beta 5 is what I use for 3DO / M2 discs.

    Thanks for sharing the betas!

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