2 New N64 Conker Dev Carts Found like 3 weeks ago, 1 possible Twelve Tales: Conker's Quest

Discussion in 'Unreleased Games Discussion' started by Geo Wash, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Apparently Twitter user "Gory Detail" [a.k.a. Chris Seavor] posted a photo of 2 new 'Conker' dev carts like 3 weeks ago:


    The cart on the right is dated--12/21/2000, which is almost 2 months after the "debug build" [dated: 10/25/2000], so we should expect it to be much more closer to retail...with less debug features.

    Can you guys share more info? Apparently he responded to a few people & deleted the tweet. [he mentioned he would check out the contents & would update us if he finds anything interesting].
    I'm pretty sure you would know more @Bramsworth ?
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    I heard about this but it's nothing to get worked up about sadly. The Conker 64 cart looks to be the same as a whole slew of old Rareware dev carts that were being sold on eBay some years back, all bearing that "Conker 64 Only" marking. There's a few members on this very forum that have identical carts. You can get a better idea of what they are here:


    In short, it's basically a flash ROM cartridge that erases its data as soon as it's no longer receiving any power, so it's as good as a dud now. First time actually seeing the picture though since all trace was deleted from Twitter, so thanks for saving that!

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