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    1. Oxice
      Hey, I saw you talking about ps2 modding. And I was wondering if you wouldn't mind walking me through on how to modd my fat ps2 scph-10000 JPN. I've googled tutorials and all, but I feel as if though the fact that this is a jpn model that it may require something else? Anyway I couldn't figure out if it does or not, so that's why I am asking you for your help. Thanks.
    2. tbfa
      Primeiramente belo trabalho vc faz!!!
      Cara eu estou com um pequeno problema e gostaria que me ajudasse.
      Eu estou querendo emular o ODEM, mas não consigo extrair o DVDELF do meu 50001 ! Será que você poderia me enviar esses: " An encrypted (unchanged) DVDELF from a "fat" PS2 console (non-slimline) of the same region you want your ODEM
      partitions to be bootable for. This is the big DVDELF (~1.2MB), not the small one (~75KB) of the slimlines.
      - A fully-decrypted version (including MagicGate header and decrypted bittable) of said DVDELF"

      Ficaria muito grato se me ajudasse, estou tentando, como disse , fazer funcionar o ODEM. Vlw
    3. br222
      hi hi, i'm newbie from metagames, so i see a old topic from hackchip he post a patch file about bbnav 32.0 for pal country, i installed the 2 soft but no sound in bbnav and no navigator 2.0 in hdd.
      From gamehacking.org a little tuto have posted for codebreaker, he talk from
      about ULE v4.40h, i use it and see the partition system, i search a way for boot(elf, game, ect...) from hdd, but but finally the ps2 can't boot without memory card.
      It's true?
      thanks for your light!!!
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